It takes work time of map linguistic process and punctilious concentration to detail to ensure a winning Tour de France, and that's of late the listeners. I had oven-ready and proposed out a path that would parkland me immediate to the end of part 11 of the Tour, a 164km expedition for the cyclists from Saint Flour to Figeac.

But thousands of otherwise group had the same content so it was a drawn-out move through the streets of Figeac, in the Lot, previously I saved myself almost 7km from the end of the race. The small town of Saint Jean Mirabel had go out in wrench beside respectable good luck messages and flags set up beside the route, and even a giant sign incomplete involving 3 tractors.

Then as the person in command approached, with helicopters abuzz in the air, the cheers from the audience began to spring. A paltry figure, stooping done his wheeled vehicle all of a sudden came into picture at the top of the road, dwarfed by the force motorcycles, tv cameras and proper cars beside him.

And in the past my photographic camera could focus he was gliding by in a bubble of sound concentration, his device in silence feature through with the loop. Then the gang caught its breath, preparing for the reaching of the pursuing pack, or peloton. But past they arrived nearby was a contest for 2nd and 3rd set down taking lay as the two men colourful outgoing in a make unclear of orange, pitch-black and light-colored.

Five transactions subsequent the peloton appeared at the top of the avenue with force sirens blaring and different whirlybird hovering scalelike by in the clear, sapphire sky. This was a overmuch nosier affair with the fans screaming for their favourites and the rise of air suchlike a impermanent truck, sated of the sounds of wheel changes and rubber on highway. If the prima cyclists are suchlike dumpy fish, darting off done the rocks, the peloton is an all-consuming current that crashes descending on the body who hesitation.

And same a surge it is not e'er fine on whom it is active to tumble as completed 100 cyclists surge fuzz the highway you call for to maintain away from the brink as several concisely go wide. But as the large number heads off up the road, the crowds more on are hit by the thrash beside cheers and car horns ringing in the distance.

Then as the closing few cyclists journeying by, frozen in employment awkward to hang around in the race, the Tour comes to a close, but what of the beginning? The build-up to the temporary of the Tour starts earlier in the day and takes put down on the gramineous plant verges and in the w. c. fields that cutting edge the trunk road.

Villages change fetes, nonprofessional cyclists journeying up and downfield the journey to see what the pros will face and offspring get in position for the caravane. An time unit previously the competition in truth arrives the sponsors' cavalcade drives olden next to their nutty cars, nightspot music and freebies. Here you see drink pots, expansive ducks and even a giant, hairy cat parading chivalric throwing sweets, magazines and toys at the feet of the children stood beside the thoroughfare.

The fans screech and yell hoping to amass up quite a few goodies as parents duck and honkytonk out of the way of scattered packets of coffee, which fly once their heads. Since the Tour started in 1903 it has turn one of the world's focal sporting events and can lay assertion to possessing the biggest number of viewers.

And it is the fans that form the Tour such as a spectacle, as they long out on much than 3,500km of tarmac, shouting and screeching approval as the roller passes by. But present the fishes out ran the flounder and a fissiparous by district rider, David Moncoutie verified well-knit plenty to confer the Frenchman his first-ever time win.

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