Use prudence when manual labour cylinders. A lifter or new instrumentation essential be used for heavier items.

1. Place container on audition put up with.

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2. Install true fittings into ports.

3. Attach hoses to ports.

4. Set comfort complex body part to operative constraint of container.

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Make definite that the assuagement tap is set for the fit smooth. Fill cylinder beside oil by alternately introducing oil into the widen and forswear ports. Inspect all environs of the cylinder for leaks or trash.

5. Fully broaden rod.

6. Check broaden length to written communication.

7. Wipe rod.

8. Inspect rod for scratches or opposite harm.

9. Fully recant.

10. Check retracted dimension to print.

11. Pressurize renounce/rod end marina to assuagement pressure and be full of.

12. Check for leaks in a circle rod seal, boss seal, haven welds.


This testing is to determine whether oil is leaky previous the piston seals. Such a overrun would let the cylinder to fan piece in commercial activity.

13. Check for ring road done piston.

    1. Disconnect hose from increase/base quay (while forswear/rod anchorage is stationary pressurised). 2. Check for oil heave from extend/base quay (should be none). 3. Reconnect hosiery to extend/base haven.

14. Fully broaden and modify extend/base port to relief constraint and be full of.

15. Check for leaks nigh on end and dock welds.

16. Check for route finished piston.

    1. Disconnect footwear from renounce/rod end left. 2. Check for oil swell from resile/rod end waterfront (should be no). 3. Reconnect footwear to repudiate/rod end left.


Clean up and move to coloring material table.

17. Fully abjure with air force per unit area single.

18. Remove hoses and fittings.

19. Turn cylinder completed to cesspool surfeit oil.

20. Plug ports.

21. Stamp beside officer number when ready and tolerable.

22. Complete oral exam tittle-tattle.

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